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  The Founders of Head Start School System  

As the Administrator of the school Mr. Raza Minhas is responsible for the overall administration and managing the school business. He focuses on personal and professional development of employees who are an integral part of the growing family at Head Start School.

Mr. Minhas believes in keeping abreast with the changes taking place in the field of education, he frequently attends sessions and seminars, which further enhances his extensive experience.

Mr. Raza Minhas is a member of NESA (Association of American/ International Schools in the North East South Asia) and has attended the School Administrators' Conference in New Delhi, Athens, and Cairo.

He has also attended the Administrators Conference of ECIS (European Council of International Schools) in Lisbon, Portugal and Nice.

Mr. Raza K. Minhas
M.B.A (Northrop University) U.S.A.

  Founder Principal  

Mrs. Yasmeen Minhas is the School Principal and one of the co-founders of Head Start School. Possessing an extensive administrative experience she has an enigmatic personality which inspires. Mrs. Yasmeen ably manages to guide students and teachers unanimously.

Adhering to her dictum "Knowledge Is Power" she regularly attends workshops and conferences in Pakistan and abroad. Also encouraging her teachers to attend workshops and seminars both at national and international levels. Hence every year teachers from Head Start School attend the NESA (Association of American/ International Schools in the Near East South Asia Region) Teachers' Conference.

An impassioned presenter her ever-popular Student Forums cover a variety of topics ranging from the development of the brain to problems faced by teenagers today.

Mrs. Minhas has a attended conferences hosted by NESA (Association of American/ International Schools in the Near East South Asia Region) and the School Administrators Conferences in New Delhi, Athens, Kuala Lumpur, Katmandu, Amman and Istanbul. She was also a delegate at the Teachers Conference in Cairo, Egypt.

Mrs. Minhas participated in the Administrators' Conference of ECIS (European Council of International Schools in Lisbon, Portugal and Nice).

Mrs. Yasmeen R. Minhas
M.Sc Home Economics (Karachi University)
1st class 1st position
MS. Educational Administration and supervision
from Syracuse University, N.Y. U.S.A.

  Founder Principal  

Mrs. Sabiha Mohammad's interest and forte has been and continues to be, as an early childhood educator for the past 20 years. She has attended several conferences and workshops on education in Pakistan and abroad.

Member of NESA (Association of American/ International Schools in the Near East South Asia Region) Mrs. Mohammad has attended the Administrators Conferences in Nepal, Cairo, Istanbul, Greece, Sri Lanka and Portugal.

She is a member European Schools ECIS (European Council of International Schools) - Nice, France.

As a member of NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals in USA) and the Attending Principals conference in New Orleans, USA, Mrs. Mohammad was the only Asian among the 7000 Principals present there.

Mrs. Sabiha Mohammad developed a Reading Program for Nursery and Kindergarten children based on phonics and sight-reading.

She is the creative executor of the MRP (Motivational Reading Program) which is the "Hallmark of Head Start School", this has helped inculcate a much-needed reading habit in students.

Mrs. Sabiha Mohammad
M.A. English  (Karachi University)
A.M.S (American Montessori Society) U.S.A.


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New Admissions 2018-2019 Announcement
Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Head Start School System!
50% admission fee waiver to all the new Admissions in the school year 2018-2019.
The excess fee already paid will be adjusted in the tuition fee challan in August.
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The deadline for submission of the Student Transfer Application is Saturday, March 10, 2018. All transfers will be with effect from the new school year, August 2018.

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