Our goal is to offer a diverse 21st century curriculum which helps each child develop and strengthen academically, socially, mentally, emotionally, creatively and holistically. We particularly emphasize on the development and mastery of literacy and numeracy skills among our students which we feel are the foremost requirements of the times.

The Senior Section at Head Start follows the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) curriculum, a globally renowned assessment board. As an O Level school, our curriculum objectives are aligned closely with the Cambridge curriculum, yet we cater and adapt it to our social and cultural contextual requirements wherever necessary.

In Grade 9, as an introduction to O Level, students are offered English, Mathematics and Urdu as core subjects and Pakistan Studies, Islamyiat, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Studies as non-core subjects.

The final examination at the end of Grade 9 forms the basis of subject selection for each student’s future career choice. The parents are fully involved in this decision making process through orientation sessions, emails and circulars at each stage. Before being promoted to Grade 10, students must select a group and two electives from the list below.

In Grade 10, students sit for their CAIE examinations for three compulsory subjects – Pakistan studies, Islamyiat and Urdu.

Prior to appearing for their CAIE exams, students have to appear for Mock examinations in Grade 10. To be eligible to register for their CAIE exams through Head Start, students are expected to perform well in their mock examinations.

In Grade 11, students appear in CAIE for the remaining selected major subjects, elective subject and compulsory subjects i.e. English and Mathematics.

Students are rigorously prepared for their external examinations through the use lectures, past papers, revisions, examiner reports, learning outcomes, and marking schemes.

Subjects Offered at O Level

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Urdu
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamiyat

Group 1 – Medical

Group 2 – Engineering

Group 3 – Business

Physics Physics Economics
Chemistry Chemistry Business Studies
Biology Computer Science Principles of Accounts

Students must select two electives in addition to their group

  • Additional Mathematics
  • Environmental Management
  • Computer Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Literature in English
  • Global Perspective