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Head Start School System

Head Start School System is a private school network headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. Head Start consists of a diverse and experienced team of educators, administrators, strategists and technologists, who work together to provide quality education in all of our schools.

Our passion for education forms our every decision. Across our Head Office and schools in Karachi, the Head Start team is made up of over 500 passionate colleagues who work with the sole motivation to serve our students

At Head Start, we put our people first and invest heavily in our teammates and operate with a growth mindset for staff development. Therefore, whoever joins Head Start, will grow with Head Start

For Teaching Positions

For Non Teaching Positions

The diverse team at Head Start comprises the following careers:

School Leadership

Our commander-in-chiefs who assume complete responsibility for their school and its performance.

Roles: Principal, Assistant Principal, Assistant Vice Principal

Qualifications and skills: Bachelors or Masters degree in the related field, strong interpersonal skills with relevant work experience.


The lifeblood of our schools that plan, organize and implement appropriate instructional lessons that encourage students to reach their potential.

Roles: Elementary School teachers, Junior School teachers, Senior School teachers, sports teachers, librarians, art teachers, and music teachers

Qualifications and skills: Mastery of subject knowledge, training or accreditation will be preferred, along with strong communication and interpersonal skills with relevant work experience.

Office Staff

The behind-the-scenes caretakers who ensure to keep the schools running smoothly by overseeing their daily operations and performing the required clerical tasks. Responsibilities include managing petty cash, monitoring the Student Management System, customer service, transcripts, filing, and billing.

Role: Office Assistant, Front Office Staff, Building Manager

Qualifications and skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, strong communication and interpersonal skills with relevant work experience.


The Administration is the core of all the school operations and planning. This department is responsible for strategic planning, policy-making, academic planners, events, implementation and monitoring of school programs. The department serves as a liaison between all schools and the Head Office.

Roles: Admin Coordinator, Admin Manager, Junior Manager, Assistant Manager.

Qualifications and skills: BBA , Bachelors degree in the related field, strong communication and interpersonal skills with relevant work experience.

Curriculum Department

This department is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of all school curriculum and academic matters. The department closely supervises lesson plans and academic content across all the campuses to ensure a smooth academic year. It is also responsible for conducting teacher training workshops and implementing innovative pedagogical methods.

Role: Coordinator, Assistant Manager, Manager, Senior Manager

Qualifications and skills: Masters in Education, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with relevant work experience

Benefits of Working at Head Start

Competitive Compensation

Free education for your first child

50% tuition fee waiver on second child.



Professional development and training

Paid summer vacation salary for the months of June & July

Leave encashment

Performance Based Increment

How to Apply
(For Teaching Positions)


Upload your CV and complete our online application form.

1st Interview

Selected candidates will be called for a short interview. This might be a brief introductory chat about the role and salary expectations, or a longer, more formal conversation with competency-based questions.

2nd Interview

Campus Interview with the school principal to discuss your core competencies, teaching subjects, experience and availability.

Demo Lesson

For teaching, applicants may be called in for a demo based lesson on the need. A panel will assess the teaching demo.


Successful candidates will be made an offer within 7 working days after the Demo Lesson.