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Educating Students For
Success In A Changing World


at HSS


Pakistan’s Independence Day is celebrated with patriotic zest and fervor. Students stage a special assembly where they pay homage to people who devoted their lives for Pakistan’s freedom and made sacrifices for the country. National songs are sung to promote patriotism and national unity

School Birthday
August 28th

Head Start School System was founded on August 28, 1992. Each year on this date, the school’s birthday is celebrated which brings alive the school spirit. The students and teachers engage in fun activities at school on this day.

Motivational Reading Programme (MRP)

The Programme aims at instilling a reading habit in students and is a consistent feature at HSS. This year, to commemorate our 25th year celebrations, the students collectively read 25,000 books.

Go Green

To promote environmental awareness and in an effort to have a clean and green city. HSS has launched its Go Green Campaign in its Silver Jubilee year with a target of planting 25000 trees in Karachi.

Comic Con

Everyone has a favourite superhero and all superheroes come to life in the Comic Con competition. Students dress as the superhero of their choice and are awarded in different categories. It is a fun event that brings out the imaginative and competitive side in our students. The event also aids the creative writing and critical thinking abilities of our participants


The Community Service Programme has been set up to help students understand the value of contributing and giving back to their community. The programme gives students the opportunity to be involved in selfless activities that help others and builds in them compassion and a sense of altruism.

  • Indus hospital
  • SIUT
  • Mahmoona Butt School(MMB)
  • Footpath School
  • Government Secondary School Clifton

Leadership & Professional

Head Start puts a significant amount of emphasis and resources on developing the leadership abilities and professional skills of our students.

Career Orientation Sessions

Career Orientation Sessions are arranged with the aim of providing students with expert and friendly advice for their future careers. In these sessions, parents and teachers both sit together to plan a pathway for the students. A healthy discussion is organized in which parents also get to know and understand the options that are available and are best for their child.

Student Leadership Council

To encourage students to develop leadership qualities, a Student Leadership Council (SLC) is elected every year. The School SLC coordinates with the administration on behalf of the students, assists school administration in various programmes, and provides their services in organizing events. The candidates are selected and then these candidates campaign for a week to solicit support of their schoolmates through posters and speeches.


This programme provides O Level students with the opportunity to apply organizational and leadership skills. They are given the chance to exercise their presentation, vocational, marketing, problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills. Students form team that develop business ideas, and then pitch their business plan and strategy to the audience. Teams are judged on their planning, team work, market demand, and CSR initiatives. The winning projects were Catapult and Robotic Car. The event is organized for students of Grade 7 and above.