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Educating Students For
Success In A Changing World


Grade III - Grade VIII

We encourage our students to think critically and intellectually and reflect on their learning.

Our interdisciplinary STEAM studies provide students with a chance to do just that by integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and helping students sharpen their critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills.

Our bespoke Life Skills programme coaches and develops good morals and strong values in students.

It teaches them all the positive traits that help them develop into confident, responsible, respectful and successful individuals.

The integration of the academic learning process with ICT is an essential 21st century teaching tool which helps our young learners get familiar with technology and enables them to learn, analyze, create and innovate in an engaging and creative way.

Head Start is a certified Cambridge International School at the Primary Level

Literacy & Numeracy Skills

We prioritize literacy and numeracy skills at the Junior Section. Thus, the Motivational Reading Programme (MRP) is an essential part of the junior school. The Programme aims at instilling a reading habit and improving literacy in students.

Our Extended Day Learning Programme offers exciting courses, after school hours, to develop new skills and explore new interest. The EDL programme has been designed for the Junior section students to provide them with opportunities to explore their skills and talents . 

Software Scientist
Young Entrepreneurs Program
Tech Robotics

Subjects Offered at Junior School

English Language, Urdu Language, Mathematics and Science

English Literature, Urdu Literature, History, Geography, Islamiyat, Social Studies, Digital learning, Global Perspectives