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Home of the Champions


House System

Upon admission at Head Start, each child is allotted to one of the following houses:



Sports Trophies



Sports Trophies



Sports Trophies

Students remain in the same house during their entire time at Head Start and house changes are not permitted. Younger siblings are allotted the same house as their elder siblings. The House system promotes team building and healthy competition between students in the realm of academics and sports as each year students compete for the Sports Trophy.

The Sports trophy is awarded to the House that accumulates the most house points in sports categories during the school year. Students can earn house points by participating in inter-house sports tournaments such as Football, Basketball, Cricket, Throw-ball, and Table-Tennis. The Sports Trophy is awarded to the winning house at the end of the Sports Day.

Head Start

Head Start School System, the Home of the Spartans, works to create a stronger, healthier and a more prosperous tomorrow for its students. HSS Spartans was launched in 2019 to facilitate the school’s sports teams. HSS Spartans are renowned for their discipline, courage, determination and resilience. Students at HSS are Spartans as they are champions in the classrooms as well as on the field.

Head Start School System promotes the culture of Spartans by actively participating in fitness activities, events and competitions. These competitions, events and activities at HSS have made our students highly competitive, brave, loyal and courageous. HSS proselytizes the Spartans lifestyle by teaching their students discipline and by introducing fitness programs such as HSFIT from an early age.

Sports Day

The senior students from all three houses work hard and shape up for the annual Sports Day which consists of various athletic events along with the accumulation of round-the-year sports activities.

Each student and each point counts to win the Grand Sports House Trophy.


HSFIT Games is one of the hallmark events of Head Start School which incorporates health and fitness amongst students throughout the year. Moreover, it also includes the concept of ‘Cooperative Games’ through which parents along with the children of Advanced Nursery till Grade 1 are encouraged to take part in sports activities together.

The idea behind it is to spread awareness amongst parents about considering health and fitness equally important as academics and to take time out from their daily routines to engage in physical activity with their children.


Traveling proves to be a great learning experience in many ways and Head Start provides its students with this opportunity every year.Each year players from football, cricket, throw ball and other sports are given the chance to travel to different countries to perform and prove their talents.

This year our tentative plan is to travel to Malaysia or Turkey. Make sure to stay in touch to apply for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.